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Contracting Al Ejtiyaz co

AL EJTIYAZ CONTRACTING CO. is a Saudi contracting company which started its business 30 years ago and was able to prove its ability to enter the Saudi market in the most important and competitive sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company, through its wise management and highly efficient human resources, was able to impose a good share in the construction field. The company’s headquarters is located in Riyadh and implements several projects in all regions of the Kingdom. The projects implemented by the company varied, so it implemented, created,

operated and maintained infrastructure projects, such as buildings, road works, electromechanical works, water and sewage works, bridge and tunnel works, the projects of ward off the risks of floods and rainwater, and contributed in the field of real estate development and investment. This in turn achieved a qualitative leap in the way they work in terms of size and style of work, which gave the company a high position among the contracting companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We fully believe in the need to achieve a comprehensive and integrated level of quality in all projects, believing that this is the way to achieve success
the message:
Keeping abreast of the latest technologies witnessed by the construction industry, road works, and technical and technical projects at the national, regional and global levels, including the development, training and qualification of technical cadres.
qualified personnel, and the use of the latest devices, equipment and mechanisms that guarantee the provision of the best technical and administrative services and the continuation of raising the level of performance in accordance with the standards and indicators of performance measurement, in line with the development witnessed by this industry

the quality:

Alejtiyaz Contracting Company (Closed Joint Stock Company) aspires to be one of the leading companies in providing the highest levels of technology and quality in the field of construction, implementation, operation and maintenance of infrastructure projects.